The Best Florida Alligator Hunting!

Alligator Hunting Pricing

Prices for 2018

Size Price
4’0” to 5’11”
6’0” to 6’11” $1200.00
7’0” to 7’11” $1500.00
8’0” to 8’11” $1800.00
9’0” to 9’6” $2300.00
9’7” to 9’11” $2800.00
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Additional Information

  • Each additional non-hunting guest – $75.00 per day

  • Primitive hunt with the Ultimate Predator Manny Puig $1000.00

  • Processing of your alligator (wrapped and frozen) $25.00 per foot

  • Overnight shipping of meat and hide $10.00 per pound

  • Hunters are required to purchase a trapper’s agent license $52.00


To really get your adrenaline pumping book a real live Alligator Hunting Guide hunt in Florida and experience the fight of Alligator Hunting and you can take comfort in knowing we have a “No Kill - No Pay Guarantee!” Gator Done Outfitters guarantees you a shot opportunity on the trophy alligator of a lifetime or you do not pay! So go get your bow and get ready for a thrilling Alligator Hunting adventure! Or grab your crossbow for the ultimate crossbow Alligator Hunting experience! Perhaps you want to embark on this thrilling Alligator Hunting trip with your harpoon to really fight these majestic prehistoric creatures. 

With Gator Done Outfitters you have the opportunity to embark on an Alligator Hunting expedition in which our guides will take you on one of the most thrilling Alligator Hunting trips you can take in Florida’s most bountiful alligator land. Hunting trips with an authentic Alligator Hunting Guide are conducted year round on thousands of acres of the most populated gator country in the U.S. Gator Done Outfitters is an Alligator Hunting Guide that takes you (the hunter) on day and night hunts with your weapon of choice in pursuit of the largest alligators in the state. We provide Alligator Hunting on only private property giving us access to vast wetlands, canals and marshes. This allows for us to really capture the extreme rush of Alligator Hunting right in the heart of a real live incredible Florida alligator habitat. It also gives you, the hunter, the best chance to harvest and come home with a true trophy on this awesome Alligator Hunting trip, a truly extreme adventure! Check Out a Gallery of trophy hunts.

Be sure to bring lightweight camouflage clothing along with waterproof boots during your Alligator Hunting trip. A cooler is also recommended in order to haul your processed alligator meat home with you. Processing of your alligator from your Alligator Hunting Guide trophy alligator hunt is $15 per foot. The meat will be packaged and frozen along with the hide be prepared for the taxidermist. So get your gear and be ready to experience the excitement and thrill of an authentic Alligator Hunting Guide adventure in Florida! This Alligator Hunting Guide adventure in will be worth every penny and is sure to be one of your longest best-lived hunting stories ever.


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